The Institute of Industrial Research (IIR) is one of the leading 13 Research Institutes of Ghana’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the main Science and Technology Research and Development Institution of Ghana. The CSIR-IIR is Ghana’s foremost industrial research and development organization.


Business & Information Services Department

The Business and Information Services Department of CSIR-IIR assists in transfer of technologies (commercialisation of research) and other services to clients. The department’s support, focuses on its core activities including; -

  1. Business development: - Preparation of Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Proposals and MOUs.
  2. Marketing: - Customer prospecting for products and services of the Institute
  3. Customer Services: - Customer follow-ups, complaints and feedbacks; Customer database management.
  4. IT services: - Management of staff webmail and Institute`s website, development of biometric attendance management software, servicing of ICT equipment, provision of IT services to members of staff.
  5. Library services:- Scanning of documents, coordinating Institute`s monthly seminar, classifying and coding of research papers, keeping repository of the Institute, Offering library services, providing general administrative services by library such as; assisting people to locate research materials and other information.
  6. Management support services: - Preparation of commercialisation report, Annual report, Revenue projections, employment interviews, promotion assessment, serving on management committees etc  










Energy Technology

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