The Institute of Industrial Research (IIR) is one of the leading 13 Research Institutes of Ghana’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the main Science and Technology Research and Development Institution of Ghana. The CSIR-IIR is Ghana’s foremost industrial research and development organization.


CSIR-IIR Laboratory Facilities

CSIR-IIR Glass Blowing Unit

The Glass Blowing Unit of the CSIR-IIR seeks to provide a unique service to the government Ghana and the general public by undertaking manufacturing, modification and repairs of scientific and industrial glassware for schools and laboratories. The Unit is adequately equipped and staffed with experienced technicians who man the facility.

Glassware manufactured include, test tubes, boiling tubes, flat/round bottom flasks, condensers, beakers, measuring cylinders, centrifuge tubes, manometer, vigreaux columns, separation funnels and pipettes with various shapes and specifications.

The CSIR-IIR Glass Blowing Unit trains beginners and organises refresher courses for technicians from research institution and Universities as part of its scheduled programmes.

We work to specification to meet the demands of our clientele especially for catalogued laboratory and industrial glassware.




Institute of Industrial Research

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