The Institute of Industrial Research (IIR) is one of the leading 13 Research Institutes of Ghana’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the main Science and Technology Research and Development Institution of Ghana. The CSIR-IIR is Ghana’s foremost industrial research and development organization.


CSIR-IIR i2 Hub Launch


CSIR-Institute of Industrial Research (CSIR-IIR), Ghana’s foremost industrial research and development Institute with unique combination of applied research and scientific instrumentation has launched its Industrial Innovation Hub (i2 Hub).

The launch which brought together industry players, research scientists, entrepreneurs, staff and media is the brainchild of the CSIR-IIR as part of its innovative strategies to bridging the gap between research, technology and industry while creating the enabling environment for entrepreneurs and freelancers to thrive. The move is also to consolidate CSIR-IIR’s mission of driving national development.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Francis Boateng Agyenim, Director CSIR-IIR, said that the essence for the launch of the Industrial Hub was to bring both research and industry together; “The whole idea is, the research or private partners are going to sit with us, industry will sit with us, provide us with what industry needs and what the public is expecting of us, then together we help design solutions’’. He also stated that if designs or solutions are arrived at, i2 Hub members will be the first to pitch these designs and to access feedback on their practicality and effectiveness.

Dr. Boateng Agyenim commended HJA Africa for the great partnership and taking the bold step to be the founding members of the CSIR-IIR i2 Hub. He also appealed to government to recognize the unique role of CSIR-IIR per its mandate and consider the Institute as viable partners for state jobs and contracts that would usually go to foreign institutions. This he said will empower the Institute to break the chain of over reliance on government for support and also to make the Institute more competitive and financially sound.

As part of the Launch, HJA Africa founding members of the hub took the opportunity to introduce patrons to its Organic Farming Aid which is a pure Ghana made natural wood vinegar. The product is to offer a cost effective and environmentally friendly way of enhancing soil productivity while protecting nature.

In an interview, Mr. Henry Abraham, CEO, HJA Africa stated that with the introduction of organic aid the fight against infestation will gradually be a thing of the past as the product is observed to much more effective compared to fertilizers. “It’s a pest repellent and we are very excited to find that it seems to be very effective against fall armyworm’ he added. He mentioned that the product is expected to make a difference in Ghana, partly because it is cost-effective.

Among the key personalities in attendance were Mr. Jacob Osei Yeboah, Chairman, CSIR-IIR Management Board, Mr. Seth Twum-Akwaboah, CEO, Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), renowned research scientists and other industry leaders. 

It is expected that products and innovations that will come from the hub will benefit the public and help Ghana grow by empowering entrepreneurs and freelancers.




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