The Institute of Industrial Research (IIR) is one of the leading 13 Research Institutes of Ghana’s Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the main Science and Technology Research and Development Institution of Ghana. The CSIR-IIR is Ghana’s foremost industrial research and development organization.



STMIE Camp 2013 Basic School Students visit CSIR-IIR

(21st –22nd August, 2013)

In fulfillment of Ghana Government’s agenda of using Science, technology and Innovation as the driving force towards the economic development of the nation, this year’s Science, Technology and Mathematics Innovations Education (STMIE) Camp 2013 for Basic School Students paid an industrial visit to IIR. This visit is to arouse, develop, and sustain the interest of participants in science and technology, inculcate in then the spirit of innovation, and prepare them for further studies in science and science-related programmes after Basic Education.

This year’s theme was “Gender, Science, Innovation – Our Benefit, Our Future”. The students came in two batches, 40 students per day (80 in all). They were taken through some hands-on practical experiments where they witness science and technology in action.





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